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Miami Kids Play Place

South Florida’s Best Private Indoor Parties

If you’re looking for a place to host your child’s next party, Kids Party Places offers several different fun facilities in the Miami area. We have been in business since 1993, hosting South Florida’s best private indoor parties! Do away with the stress and mess of hosting a party in your own house, and arrive at one of our location as a guest. Enjoy the party with your child and their friends, leaving with the presents and without a mess to clean up. Call one of our locations listed at the end of this page to find out more about our party packages!

What sets us apart?

If you’re wondering what makes us different from other similar party facilities, we are happy to answer those questions. Our facilities are completely private, so there will be no other parties or outside guests at the same time. We also offer customizable parties, so no two are exactly alike. The entertainment we offer includes something for everyone regardless of their age, from toddlers to seniors.

We have four private indoor party places to choose from:

  • My Clubhouse: This facility in Doral is decorated with intricate murals making it look like an indoor park. Packages include activities for all ages, including a rock climbing wall, clubhouse, and video games.
  • Ball Mania: Interactive ball play makes for a unique birthday party experience that can entertain guests of all ages. Our play place offers a unique experience by combining multilevel platforms with many features.
  • Funtasmic: We feature a huge playground with fun obstacles, a toddler playground, and a bounce playground. In addition, there are many games including air hockey, domino table, and video game stations.
  • Bounce Play World: Our unique, indoor inflatable party world is designed to provide exciting entertainment for children of all ages and their families. It is one of our most popular locations!

If you are interested in a stress free experience where you can enjoy a party, contact us today at one of our four locations:

  • My Clubhouse: 305-470-1888
  • Ball Mania: 305-640-0701
  • Funtasmic: 305-387-7477
  • Bounce Play World: 305-232-7944

Our Values

  • Completely private, there will be no other party going on at the same time.
  • Customizable, no two parties are exactly alike.
  • Entertainment for everyone from toddlers to seniors.
  • Stress free party - we take care of everything.
  • Four locations with unique themes to choose from.